about Me

I’m a freelance writer, specialising in web content, blogging and marketing material. I have a “no nonsense” style that is easy to read and focused on getting the message across to the reader.

I also program and create music for retro games to be played on the original hardware, specialising in music for the Commodore 64 and Amiga.

You can read examples of my writing and other projects by following the links on the first page.


What I Do

Web Content

Generation of SEO-optimised web content and managed blogging services for small businesses

Marketing Text

Generating marketing content, for SMEs - whether press releases, advertising copy or white papers

Video Game Music

Music creation. Specialising in Tracker modules for retro Amiga projects and mobile games

Wristwatch Review

I am the editor of the website wristwatchreview.co.uk - writing news and reviews about watches


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